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Hademade Trips to France - for all that you want to see

La Beauconniere - A charming Normandy bed and breakfast

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Handmade Trips to France -  We'll Plan Your Trip to France especially for you.

For your personalized vacation in France

Planning a trip to France needn't be a stressful undertaking.  It ought to be a pleasure.  But it is easy to understand how frustration can lead to stress when you have a limited amount of time available for this vacation to France and are presented with so many choices of places to visit and places to stay.  If you have a week available for your trip to France, or two weeks, or even three or more weeks, which regions should you include, which cities and towns, castles and vineyards, D-Day sites, abbeys, museums or art galleries?  What about a sampling of French life off the beaten track?  Where does one find out about that?  You might ask:  Should I spend time exploring any of the hundreds of villages listed as among the Most Beautiful Villages of France?  Should  I to take in two or three of the long list of Small Towns of Character?  Where should I stay?  What will I eat, especially if I can't understand the menu? Should I stay at hotels or B & Bs?  And then which ones?  Will it matter if my French isn't strong, or even non-existent?  Soon enough, you will discover that the choices are endless.

People say you could spend a lifetime vacationing in France and not see or appreciate all of it. We have lived here for nine years and believe that that it is true. Fortunately, no limits are imposed upon the number of visits you can make to this beautiful land of France.  You may be a first time traveler to France, or you may have been here many times before.  Whatever your particular situation, you must still ask: what should I realistically try to see and do during my limited amount of time in France?

This is where we, that is, Susan and I, at Handmade Trips to France, can help.  Whether you are planning a trip to France of seven, fourteen, twenty-one or some other number of days, we will plan and your entire itinerary.  We can do it for you entirely, including accommodation bookings, food bookings, daily sight-seeing itineraries; we can factor in your travel time between destinations, plan in free time for resting up, get you to the places everyone knows and visits, and to some of those known only to the locals.  We can ensure that everywhere you stay, everywhere you eat, you will be understood, and yet still experience the thrill of being in France and immersed in its rich and diverse culture.

How are we able to do this?  Well, here is a little background about us.  Susan is an American from the state of New York, and I am a Londoner, and spent twenty years of my professional life in the United States.  While we were both lawyers in New York, we are fine now, having fully recovered from that, and have spent the past fourteen years in the Tourism/Hospitality industry.  When we made the change from the law, we owned hotels in the United Kingdom, and subsequently moved to France.  We made that move nine years ago. We have raised our family here, and have become thoroughly immersed in French culture and the way of life.  We have enjoyed operating a successful B & B in Normandy for the past seven years, meeting and hosting wonderful people from all over the world.  Prior to our move to France, we vacationed here sometimes seven or eight times a year.  In fact, we even came for our honeymoon!  I can safely say that we know France pretty well.  In addition, we have developed a superb network of relationships with B & B and restaurant owners all over this wonderful land of France. During our professional lives, we developed high and exacting standards.  We have come to know what you, the traveling public, deserve and expect.  Now, at Handmade Trips to France, we offer to pass on to you the benefit of our high standards and experience and are certain that we can plan for you a wonderful and memorable trip to France.  

Two of the most important of keys to the successful planning of a trip to France are (1) to try and limit the amount of driving time between destinations, and (2) choosing accommodation that is centrally located within each region to be explored so that it isn't necessary to change lodgings too frequently.  There's nothing worse than starting a vacation tired, and then pressing too hard.  Our aim is to plan your trip to France so that you can enjoy every aspect of it while feeling relaxed.  As an example, I can think of one couple of guests at our  B & B guests who made the long transatlantic flight, picked up a car in Paris, drove three hours straight to us in Normandy, stayed one night intending to see all that this fascinating region has to offer in a day, and stay the next night in the Luberon, more than 10 hours away.  That's crazy!  France is a pretty big country and traveling around it needs careful planning. 

If you are ready to let us work for you, why not click on Handmade France Tours and Accommodation and Meals and see what you think about some of our sample itineraries.

Pictured above and left are Le Mont St Michel and the U.S. Cemetery in Normandy, and the beautiful Luberon, below.